Positive Activities

We provide the following activities:

Youth Clubs

Kidz Konnekt runs a Youth Club session each day of the week Monday – Friday on 5 different estates. The clubs are for 8yrs – 12yrs Junior and 13-19yrs for Senior and run between 5.00pm and 8.30pm. The clubs have many activities on every night including Cooking, Balls Games, Art, Music, Gaming and themed activities based on calendar events.Within the Youth Clubs members can get involved in information advice and guidance session, are often involved in projects they have designed and/or are doing community action and volunteering.

Outdoor Education

We provide a wide range of outdoor activities, Hill Walking, Camping, Woodland Crafts, Archery, Indoor Rock Climbing and lots of other activities and learning along the way. With our partners we can also deliver other Rock and Water based activities.

Music and Performance

Throughout the year you will find a project to take part in that is exciting and full of dance and good music. We have music activities that are just for fun and others that end in performing to the public and remember you can take part without going on stage!

Fun Trips

We have a whole rang of fun trips throughout the year that are selected by young people, Motor Sport, Paint-balling trips to events and parks, on the train and anywhere else you can think of.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are a Big Hit with Young People and their families and we deliver around 2 or 3 a year popular destinations are South Lake’s Safari Park, Light Water Valley, Eden Camp, Beamish and Flamingo Land.


We run 2 camping trips per year that are an opportunity for Children and Young People to reconnect with the natural environment. Its a great opportunity for them to have time away from modern life, keep fit, get out of their comfort zone and build resilience.


Traditional trips to the beach are very popular with the whole family, with beach games, rock pooling, chips, Ice cream and other activities. We are also very keen for young people to help with Beach cleaning and being environmentally friendly.


We Deliver a range of sports traditional and none traditional young people can come along and get involved in active games to keep fit and have fun. We also offer Football, Cricket, Rounders and a whole host of other games.